SaRa is a new name in the Fashion era of Bangladesh, started its journey on Saturday (12 May 2018) with a grand opening as “SaRa Lifestyle Ltd”.

Elevate your style: Cardigans as winter essentials

The '90s gave the cardigan a bad rep. Straight cut and shapeless, it had an odd penchant for making the wearer look bulky. Fortunately, fashion houses saw potential in the piece and decided that it was worth another chance.

Shawls, sweaters and stylish capes: Upping the fashion game in winter

Any seasoned Dhakaiite will admit, we await the arrival of this magical season with bated breath, through unbearable heat waves and ridiculous humidity. And once winter arrives on the silver chariot, we embrace her with arms open wide in all her forms and glory. The real festive season, warrants us shaking out of the careless summer dressing mode, switching gears and taking things up a few notches with a hefty dose of glamour.

Matching comfort with fashion: A style guide for winter

While we might have to shield ourselves from the sun during the day, by night, we can feel the chill of winter. This brings us to the bewildering decision of what to wear during this season. What keeps us cosy and warm during the night might just be too uncomfortable to wear during the day. The bigger question remains — how to find the right balance between chic and comfort?