Established in 1931, DAN CAKE A/S from Give, Denmark is the Scandinavian market leader in ready-to-eat cakes and Swiss rolls. Following a stringent quality approach, all products made by DAN CAKE excel in taste and quality. No wonder that the company is continuously gaining new ground in the international market.

Winter breakfast fit for a King

Many enjoy a hearty, warm breakfast to start their day off on the right foot during this time of the year. From savoury and sweet to dishes loaded with calories to the brim, Bangladeshis love to take full advantage of the winter season when it comes to their appetite.

From pithas to rooftop BBQs: A guide to delicious winter food

Winter is an important season, especially for those of us who have big appetites. Luckily for us, there happens to be a vast selection of delicacies to enjoy this season. So, if you want a quick rundown on the best chow this winter, look no further.

Cosy tea parties to warm up the soul in winter

If you have a veranda decked out with plants and ferns, place two garden chairs and the setting is perfect for a tea. Simply spread the tea table for your spouse and yourself, with just two cups of steaming milk tea and ghee toast, and it is party enough.