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Winter escapes: 3 mesmerising snowfall destinations in Asia

With the temperatures dropping and the cold causing people to bundle up in their blankets, comes the chilly, not-so-warm welcome of winter. But this also allows visiting Asia's majestic winter wonderlands. Here are 3 destinations with extraordinary snowfall views and a soothing ambience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Winter breakfast fit for a King

Many enjoy a hearty, warm breakfast to start their day off on the right foot during this time of the year. From savoury and sweet to dishes loaded with calories to the brim, Bangladeshis

Cosy tea parties to warm up the soul in winter

If you have a veranda decked out with plants and ferns, place two garden chairs and the setting is perfect for a tea. Simply spread the tea table for your spouse and yourself, with just t

Wristwatch trends: A guide to elevate your look

A right wristwatch can go beyond simple timekeeping and add significantly to your styling. The fleeting 2 to 3 months of cold are undoubtedly the most celebratory times of the year, allow

Matching comfort with fashion: A style guide for winter

While we might have to shield ourselves from the sun during the day, by night, we can feel the chill of winter. This brings us to the bewildering decision of what to wear during this seas